Who are we?

Quirkque is a freelance Graphic Design and Photography Business. We specialise in Graphic Design and Photography Services that fit your needs. Our core values lie in inclusivity, innovation, and creativity. We strive to be a business where we are a "Jack-of-All-Traits" hub that can assist you in your business, events or special photo shoot endeavors. Our overall initiative is to bring your ideas and concepts to life through Graphic Design and/or Photography. To be diverse and to make cool, fun and Quirkque things!

the name


The name is pronounced as "quirky" and connotates with fun, creative and flamboyance. This word is a description as what I bring to the table as a designer and photographer with values of being unbounded and thinking outside of the box. This name is the embodiment of what the business would like Quirkque to grow into.

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Saskija Hendricks